Candice Anne Marshall

Artist | Journalist | Radio Host

STARLIGHT MUSIC CHRONICLES is where it all took root....

Candice Anne Marshall is a Music Journalist originating from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who began her career by studying Journalism, Photography and Graphic Design at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is the CEO and Editor in Chief at Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine & Entertainment Website interviewing some of the most notable professionals in the Music, Fashion, and Film industries. She has expanded on this career and is working as a Freelance/Contributor on many projects for Artists, Organizations, and Companies in the areas of Music, Film, Fashion and Lifestyle. She advocates for Non-Profit Organizations Globally in the areas of Branding, Social Media Campaigns, Biographies for websites, Articles in addition to Photography, Photo Editing and Graphics.
Her published work appears in the third edition of ‘Dynamic’ Magazine – A Fan based Magazine in honor of legendary Guitar man Johnny Marr (The Smiths) following his live performance in Edmonton, Alberta in December 2014. She has written countless bios, press releases, interviews, reviews, onesheets, editorials, and more for publications such as Indie Music Bus, Indie Music Monday, Nor’Easter Magazine, Artists, Musicians, Corporations, Newspapers, Bongo Boy TV, and many more. Her list is growing everyday.

Candice has begun to delve in the areas of Fashion, Film, Food, Lifestyle, and Travel for her publication, Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC). She is very skilled at networking and open to collaborations of all kinds since she is an ‘outside-the-box’ thinker. This has brought her many opportunities in the areas of Branding, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Social Media Management for SMC and Los Angeles-based, ArtistMax. (ArtistMax.org). She is in the process of designing the new SMC website scheduled to release in early 2018.


In addition, Candice had begun networking with Limehead Radio in the United Kingdom and held a two hour show Thursdays each week beginning in early December 2017 until February 2018. Many high caliber profiles were featured on this show. The archives of these episodes can be found on the home page of the Candice Anne Marshall Official website.


In February 2018, Candice saw the need to begin her own weekly podcast featuring high calibre Independent and Signed Musicians, Bands, Fashion, Film, Lifestyle, and Travel professionals. Her first show with Golden Globe Award-Winning Actors Olivia Hussey & Leonard Whiting (of Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film Romeo & Juliet) received astounding feedback and reviews from fans globally. It was the seed that has now become the blossom on the cherry tree since she now has several podcast show under her belt with other high caliber profiles like 'Mike Gandolfi' (Gilmore Girls fame), Author Sidney Wood, Past-Life Regression Therapist, Doug Buckingham, and Luxury Traveler/Brand Ambassador Mr. Scott Eddy. In January, Candice launched her new website www.candiceannemarshallofficial.com where she posts frequent blog posts about up and coming interviews, her own views, as well as press releases. Be sure to subscribe!



Candice began her career primarily as a Graphic Designer fresh out of University in the early 1990’s and extended on her other educational assets in Journalism and Photography while working for the Local and Regional Newspapers in Northern British Columbia, Canada. It wasn’t until she covered an outdoor music festival in 2007 for the local newspaper and meeting bands like Hedley, Theory of a Deadman, Beverley Mahood, Shane Yellowbird, Rex Goudy, The Headpins, LIGHTS, and The Road Hammers (to name a few) was when she truly discovered her passion for music journalism and live concert photography.

Over the past five years, Candice has incorporated her skill-set into the music, fashion, and entertainment industry by way of attending notable events such as the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMAS) in 2013 and 2014 representing her previous website Candy’s Celebrity Lifestyle where her most recent writing and photography has now been amalgamated into the Starlight Music Chronicles Blog ‘The Chronicles‘. As the demand for her writing has increased (as well as her networking circle), Candice was able to launch the Starlight Music Chronicles website as of May 29th, 2014. In addition to the website, there are several blog platforms that have been integrated as the demand for more coverage in other areas of the entertainment industry via SMC fans have surfaced. This includes The Chronicles, The Spotlight, Artist of the Month, and the Little Black Book Club platforms. Candice continues to excel in her role as CEO and Editor collaborating with Global Music Journalists, Music Photographers, and Music Television Media who also contribute to the SMC website.

In July of 2015, Starlight Music Chronicles began a Teen Beat blog with a teen writer in place. at present, the blog is currently being revamped and will resurface later in 2018 with teen contributors to the site.

One of the largest and most global campaigns in support of Indie Musicians is the successful launch of the ‘Artist of the Month’ events which began in August 2015. Each month, several Indie Artists are nominated by their fans or peers to compete in a 50% fan voted and 50% Judge voted online event. Indie Artists who win are being featured on the Artist of the Month blog that is also featured on the front page of the Website. This has now lead to the Artist of the Year event where Candice has begin collaborating with ARTISTMAX out of Los Angeles, California.

In addition to the launch of so many social media platforms and blogs, Candice has also contributed to Indie Music Bus (IMB) and the company’s previous site Indie Habit (by way of writing and branding graphics (Indie Habit) for the Social Media, website and Apple app). Currently, she is content Editor of IMB’s site Indie Music Monday (IMM) where she has interviewed some of the music industries top up and coming Artist. A sample of her work for IMM can be seen here. Candice has also written articles for Indie Music Bus, the Flagship Company for Indie Habit.
Some of the articles/content/photography/branding for Music Artists that Candice has written for/supported/interviewed are included on several forums including Magazine & Newspaper publications, Blogsites, and Webpages are: Hedley, Theory of a Deadman, The Road Hammers, Rex Goudie (Canadian Idol Fame), The Headpins, Beverley Mahood, Shane Yellowbird, Taylor Swift, Clayton Bellamy (Solo Artist | The Road Hammers), Adam Gregory, Candice Ryan, Rachel Woznow, Tupelo Honey, Bryan Finlay, Palaye Royale, High Love Band (formerly, REND), Luke Potter, Johnny Marr (The Smith’s fame), Gary Numan, Olivia Wik, Bleu McAuley, Paul Woida, Andrew Scott, Hayley Richman, Little Crow, Jason McCoy (The Road Hammers), Nic Neufeld, Michelle Mollineux, Jasmine Singh, LIGHTS, The Hollywood Vampires, Nim Vind, Shay Esposito, Olivia Rose, IAMWARFACE, Jamie Lawson, Ed Sheeran, Reeve Carney, Scott Patterson (SMITHRADIO), Meghan Patrick, Olivia Penalva, Stuart Epps, Mario McNulty, New Mayans, Mateus Ward, Justin Ward, After The Calm, Lia Cole, Ari Herstand, The Fontaines, Dan Davidson, The 1975, Platinum Blonde, The Standstills, Joshua Shultz (Producer/CEO Bellus Magazine), Chelsea Debo (Actress/Model), Carly Jo Jackson (America’s Got Talent fame), Meresha (Billboard top 40 chart fame), Matt Lande, Narrow Plains, Jet Force Gemini, Christina Taylor, Ships Have Sailed, Ashlinn Gray, Lucien Dante, Dani Rosenoer (Three Days Grace fame), Brielle Von Hugel, The Upset Victory, Tom Bertram, Luke Wade, The Roxy Suicide, Swerve, Radio Drive, Brian Mackey, The Moon Kids, Natalie Jean, Carolina Magnolia, Barley Station, Kaylin, Ryan Inglis, Redvers Bailey, Wall Of Orange, Sallie Mood, John Ferriter (The Tearaways | The Alternative), TAMSYN, Meresha, Codie Prevost, Luke Wade, Hannah Clive, DaveIt Ferris, Fashion Designer Melany Rowe, Dacre Stoker (of Bram Stoker family – Dracula: The Un Dead Novel fame), Stephen David Brooks (Director), Justin Ward (Director), Mike Rogers (Media and Radio Personality), Reeve Carney (Actor/Musician), Golden Globe Award-winning Actors Olivia Hussey & Leonard Whiting (Franco Zeffirellii's Romeo and Juliet film 1968), Mike Gandolfi (Gilmore Girls), Author Sidney Wood, Doug Buckingham, Mr. Scott Eddy, and Grammy award-winning Artist Paula Cole to name a few and it is expanding every day.

Candice’s networking skills through the various Social Media Platforms (aforementioned) have created quite a stir in the industry and have drawn the attention of fellow established writers such as Ken Caillat (Author of ‘Making Rumors’, an inside look at the making of the infamous Fleetwood Mac album).

Other platforms that Candice has written for include: Bongo Boy TV commencing in April 2015 – October 2015 as Contributor/Writer/ Content Creator for global Recording Artists both Independent and Signed, Nor’easter Magazine (which became a print publication in 2015), and Indie Music Monday (as content Editor).



Candice facilitates & coordinates the connection between Independent Artists and Legendary Producer/Engineer Stuart Epps for potential mixing/recording/production opportunities.

About Stuart Epps

Stuarts’ career as a Producer/Engineer includes working with some of the most notable profiles in music such as: Elton John, Paul Weller, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Twisted Sister, Chris Rea, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Bill Wyman, Jeff Beck, and Paul Rogers.



Candice actively facilitated & coordinated the official ArtistMax website under the direction of Legendary Producer Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac), and Bridge Gardiner. She created custom graphics, branding, blog entries, interviews, and newsletters for ArtistMax. In addition, she organized contests, and facilitated in correspondence with Media Ambassadors and ArtistMax Alumni as well as Social Media Management.


In addition to all her accomplishments in Music Journalism, Candice actively supports non-profit organization and charities such as: Morgan’s Mission, Live4Tay Foundation, Richards Legacy Foundation, and Project Cuddle through media promotion and features on the SMC SPOTLIGHT! platform. In previous years, she helped organize a flood relief concert in July 2013 for Calgarians who were affected, a fashion show ‘BLITZ’ (in the same year) for Western Canada Fashion Week designer Trisha Pasnak, and more recently, SpiderMable The Film by way of media supports on the Starlight Music Chronicles platform and magazine.


Candice Anne Marshall has created custom graphics for Artists in the music industry as well as for local and global businesses. She has also created websites for industry peers such as Los Angeles, CA Artist Developer Stephanie Rachel www.stephanierachel.com. She also custom created all graphics, video, and social media content for her #Viral on Limehead Radio shows weekly. She also creates all content for Starlight Music Chronicles and her own social media platforms.

Candice very recently (January 2018) completed a landing page for Rock Against Trafficking in Los Angeles, California along with a lyric video for Glenn Hughes cover of The Police song, 'Roxanne'.