The Candice Anne Marshall Show ft JCI Holiday Hamper | Live Broadcast

Happy Holidays Friends! I am excited to announce that my 14th episode of 'The Candice Anne Marshall Show' is this Saturday, November 24th, and it is the first in a series of Holiday shows that I assure you, will put all my loyal fans and followers in the holiday spirit of giving.

For this show, I have urged all my loyal followers to share all posts I have been blasting on socials to encourage a following on my podcast show. The reason for this is that all followers on my show can see when I go live because they get notified. Download the Spreaker app here. I always have such a blast in the live shows that you just can't get from a pre-recorded event so I am hoping to see a lot of you in the chat room.  I think this will be an enlightening show. Share, and invite all your friends!

For those who aren't aware on how to access my new podcast show, you can find it on my website by searching 'PODCAST EPISODES', 'PRESS RELEASES', or by going directly to 'THE CANDICE ANNE MARSHALL SHOW' on the Spreaker website here. To actually subscribe to the show, you will be asked to create an account on Spreaker and then you can follow me from the link provided above. I will definitely follow you back! One of the benefits of subscribing & following is that you will be notified before anyone else that it has begun. You will also be able to chat with me in the event chat room during live shows! I know there are a lot of you who are really looking forward to this episode and I will be chatting with you all while the show is in process. Past episodes, they can be found here.

Event times are as follows:

Showtime Launch in the UK is as follows:
Thursday: 7pm GBT

Showtime Launch in North America is as follows:
Thursday: 11am PST, NOON MST, 1am CST, 2pm EST

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