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SMC Starlight w/Candice Anne Marshall ft Guest Mr. Scott Eddy

Hello Friends,

I can hardly believe that we are onto the sixth episode of ‘The Candice Anne Marshall Show’! This Thursday, March 29th, my guest is one of the worlds’ top Luxury Travel, Social Media, and Corporate Ambassadors and he goes by the name of Mr. Scott Eddy. He has traveled to 69 countries in his career and is nowhere near finished exploring and discovering! Not only that, he shared amazing tips and advice on how he effectively grew his brand via social media. This is yet another exclusive interview that has been in the works for a few years now and you’ll hear about that in my intro! I do want to add, though, that after two years of tweets, likes, and shares on socials, I have not only met a great industry peer, I have made a even greater friend. I will be going live for this show so any questions you have about Mr. Scott Eddy, I can answer live in the chatroom! I will even be kicking this episode off with Musician/Actor Reeve Carney’s song ‘Up Above The Weather’ just for the occasion! 

If you have been wondering where to find past episodes of my show, they can be found here.

For those who aren’t aware on how to access my new podcast show, you can find it on my website www.candiceannemarshallofficial.com by searching ‘PODCAST EPISODES’, ‘PRESS RELEASES’, or by going directly to ‘THE CANDICE ANNE MARSHALL SHOW‘ on the Spreaker website here. To actually subscribe to the show, you will be asked to create an account on Spreaker and then you can follow my show from the link provided above. I will definitely follow you back! One of the benefits of subscribing & following my show is that you will be notified before anyone else that the show has begun. You will also be able to chat with me in the event chat room during live shows! 

Music I will be playing for this show are from the following Independent Artists:

The TransmittersCodie PrevostArkavelloRobert Segarra MusicThe Del ZorrosPalaye RoyaleKaty RoseLazarus WildeReeve CarneyReckless JacksLevy BandRochelle Vincente Von KHayley RichmanKym LarsenGreta Van FleetBenjamin WilliamsSoap Box DuoBrian MackeyChris VobeStuart EppsRiley SiebertThe Reckless DriftersArkavello, Ill-Litteracy, Mr. WrightCodie PrevostClayton BellamyShips Have Sailed, and last but certainly not least: my friends The Tearaways

I have been seriously delving into new music and I am loving everything I am being sent. Keep it coming everyone! 

For this show, the interview with Mr. Scott Eddy is pre-recorded, but the music portion of the show will be live! So, if you want to join in on the show, be sure to subscribe so you can see when I go live. Last weeks Birthday Podcast was a ton of fun with all my favorite people. I can’t wait for this one too! Share, and invite all your friends – It’s going to be yet another fantabulous SHOW! 

Event times are as follows:

Showtime Launch in the UK is as follows:
Thursday: 7pm GBT

Showtime Launch in North America is as follows:
Thursday: 11am PST, NOON MST, 1am CST, 2pm EST

See you all on the flipside!
Yours in Friendship,
Candice Anne Marshall

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