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SMC Starlight w/Candice Anne Marshall ft Guest Sidney Wood

Hello Friends,

We are officially onto the fourth episode of ‘The Candice Anne Marshall Show’ and this Tuesday, my guest is Author and former US Marine & Army Engineer, Sidney Wood with his sell-out books:

PATH OF JEN – is a fast paced THRILLER series featuring the amazing and resilient Jena Ahmadi. Made to kill, called to protect, Jen will keep you riveted to your seat. 


THICKER THAN BLOOD – is a dark FANTASY series featuring Lynn Hayes, a battle hardened veteran who doesn’t flinch; he swings…hard.

Here’s some more info from the Authors’ website:

I am a life-long Alaskan with over 20 years of military experience. The highlights are: Yes, I am a combat veteran; I served as both enlisted and officer, and I hold the titles of US Marine and Army Engineer; and my civilian career is in corrections.
The bottom line to all of that is: I work with, and have worked with, some of the most amazing humans on earth. The heroes in my books carry qualities I admire in the heroes I have known. My hope is that whether or not you like my books (I think you will), you will support other small business owners, especially our veterans. 
Thank you! – Sid

You can discover more about Sidney Wood here.

This is an ONLINE event you can listen to in the comfort of your own home! 

The March 8th show will feature an *Exclusive Interview* with Sidney where we chat about his career history with the US Marines, his previously written books, and his exciting upcoming novel releases! 

I can’t wait! Join me! Share, and invite all your friends! It’s going to be another fantastic show!

If you have been wondering where to find past episodes of my show, they can be found here.

For those who aren’t aware on how to access my new podcast show, you can find it on my website www.candiceannemarshallofficial.com by searching ‘PODCAST EPISODES’, ‘PRESS RELEASES’, or by going directly to ‘THE CANDICE ANNE MARSHALL SHOW‘ on the Spreaker website here. To actually subscribe to the show, you will be asked to create an account on Spreaker and then you can follow my show from the link provided above. I will definitely follow you back! One of the benefits of subscribing & following my show is that you will be notified before anyone else that the show has begun. You will also be able to chat with me in the event chat room during live shows! 

Music I will be playing for this show are from the following Independent Artists:

Amyl and The SniffersThe TransmittersCodie PrevostJon MagnussonAli JackoArkavelloRobert Segarra MusicThe Del ZorrosRaspin Stuwart, Palaye RoyaleLyra BrownKaty RoseSammy BrueLucien DanteVirginia GreyDani RosenoerLazarus WildeAges and AgesNatalie Jean and Levi MooreThe Fontaines, and Neil and Adam.

There’s some new talent on this weeks’ show so tune in to hear what I have been treating my ears to lately!

For this show, all will be pre-recorded so I will not be actively in the chat room, but I will be in the Facebook event posting live here. I can’t wait! Join me! Share, and invite all your friends! It’s going to be a very entertaining SHOW! 

Event times for this show are as follows:

Showtime Launch in the UK is as follows:
Tuesday: 7pm GBT

Showtime Launch in North America is as follows:
Tuesday: 11am PST, NOON MST, 1am CST, 2pm EST

See you all on the flipside!
Yours in Friendship,
Candice Anne Marshall

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