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SMC Starlight with Candice Anne Marshall Ft Guest Doug Buckingham

Feb 21st, 2018 – I am pleased to share that there was a fabulous response to my Valentines Day podcast show on February 13th, 2018 featuring Golden Globe winning Actors from Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 adaptation of ‘Romeo & Juliet’, Olivia Hussey & Leonard Whiting! If you have not had a chance to listen, you can catch the show here. There have been over 500 plays on this first podcast show in its first week and I am beyond grateful for the support of so many who have been helping to get the news out for this first run!

Tomorrows’ show will feature an *Exclusive Interview* with Doug Buckingham where we will talk about his profession as a Hypnosis & Regression Practitioner and Trainer in the UK and overseas.

Over a decade more in practice, Doug’s specialties are Hypnosis, Regression and Sound Healing. He endeavors to help you get back to the source of the problem to first understand, and then to re-frame and release it, so that you can move forward in your current life. This will be a show you will not want to miss as we move forward with those New Years Resolutions where well-being is the key focus!

I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to the following: Robert Segarra, Carol Kaplan, Ryan Corr, Kathy Walcott, Zarra Trolese, Susan Brodie, Marti Heil, John Ferriter, Bethany Anne, Stephen David Brooks, Patrick Talbot, The Del Zorros, Lori Jensen-Murray, Tracey Arbon, Laurie Kransky, Barley Station, and many many more who unfailingly take the time to share, follow, and re-tweet these events on socials. Your constant loyalty and support is greatly appreciated! 

For those who aren’t aware on how to access my new podcast show, you can find it on my website www.candiceannemarshallofficial.com by searching ‘PODCAST EPISODES’, ‘PRESS RELEASES’, or by going directly to ‘THE CANDICE ANNE MARSHALL SHOW‘ on the Spreaker website here. To actually subscribe to the show, you  will be asked to create an account on Spreaker and then you can follow my show. I will definitely follow you back! One of the benefits of subscribing & following my show is that you will be notified before anyone else that the show has begun. You will also be able to chat with me in the event chat room during live shows! 

Another new surprise to my shows are the addition of Independent Music! Yes, that’s right – I will be spinning my FAVES, chatting about each one before spinning them, all before the exclusive interviews. In total, the shows will run anywhere from 1-2 hours of music and 1-2 hours for interviews. So…..get comfy, settle in, pull up the laptop, iPad, or even your smartphone (Spreaker has an app that you can follow me on too! You can download it here), and join in on the fun! I look forward to seeing whose all joining the event! 

Music I will be playing for this show are from the following Independent Artists:

Robert Segarra MusicThe Del ZorrosRaspin StuwartBethany Ann, John Wilkes, Donna Marie SluddsShips Have SailedChris Watkins/Drunk PoetsRedvers and MelissaFKBTamsynThe Royal FoundryThe FontainesNew MayansO’neill Hudson ft. Johnny Hanson, and The Moon Kids

Just know, folks, that if I am playing your music, I support you! 

For this show, all will be pre-recorded so I will not be actively in the chat room, but I will be in the Facebook event posting live here. I can’t wait! Join me! Share, and invite all your friends! It’s going to be a very insightful SHOW! 

Event times for this show are as follows:

Showtime Launch in the UK is as follows:
Thursday: 7pm GBT

Showtime Launch in North America is as follows:
Thursday: 11am PST, NOON MST, 1am CST, 2pm EST

See you all on the flipside!
Yours in Friendship,
Candice Anne Marshall



Doug Buckingham’s Socials:

Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iTunes 

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