For the most part, I am a very happy and positive person, but every person has that one bad day now and again that just sneaks up on you, and for someone who is typically positive, it really does mow you over when you get a case of the ‘mean reds’ (an Audrey Hepburn quote). Today, I had the mean reds and I just couldn’t seem to shake it off. But as the day unraveled, there were things that happened to change it for the better. I feel we often don’t credit the people who are there to uplift us enough, and I think it’s important that we do, so here goes…

This isn’t a post about how bad my day was or why it was, it’s a post about all the loving people in my life who made it better just by being their own beautiful selves. They may not know it, but I hope these people are reading this now and know that I took in all that they said or did to and for me today. It really means a lot to know that I have them in my life, loving me unconditionally.

At this very moment, I am simultaneously writing this blog post and preparing my weekly #Viral show playlist for Limehead Radio. Part of this means I get the joy of going through the submissions and listening to the new music that comes to my email each week. This alone brought joy back into my day. A lot of the music I pick for my shows are by Artists I have grown a relationship with and I have to say, these are not ‘just Musicians’, they are people whose art and very soul aligns with my own, they are ‘Healers’. They have also become dear friends. I can appreciate an individual whose music comes across as authentic and representative of who they are. To me, these people are ‘Healers’, writing what’s in their soul onto paper, recording it, and then gifting the world with their melody, voice, and lyrics. These ‘healers’ write and create to help their fellow man out – to let them know, like I felt today, that they are not alone with their thoughts. I love my music family, for if it were not for them, I may not have gotten through some of the toughest challenges of my life. Their music understood my soul and got me through it. 

Today, music was a necessary ‘go-to’ and in going through this weeks’ playlist, I deliberately chose songs with meaning and authenticity based on how I was feeling and how the Artist was feeling too. Midway through the playlist, I came across the song ‘Sometimes’ by Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian-based Musician Benjamin Williams and immediately, i felt better: ‘Oh yeah, I am not the only one who has a bad day now and then…’ and I continued to listen to the beautifully written lyrics and it spoke volumes to me. The first few verses combined with Benji’s (I call him Benji) ‘John Denver-like’ lilting vocals hit me in such a positive way, that it made me stop and think that no matter what happened to make my day a bad one, there is tomorrow, ‘fresh with no mistakes in it’ (Lucy Maude Montgomery quote).

There are three people I would like to acknowledge in this post who profoundly changed my day for the better. Too often, we don’t do this, and I feel it’s important to let people know how they’ve helped you. Not just that they did, but how they did:

Benji, your music changed my outlook tonight and I thank you for that. I loved the song so much, I decided to share it in this post. Keep singing like the beautiful song-bird that you are because your music brings joy to my heart.

Carol, your love is unwavering, and I am lucky to have a true friend in you. I hope to bring that same balance back to you one day, too. I am very fortunate to have the support I do from you, people like you are a rare find and I greatly treasure our friendship.

Robert, you may not know it, but your gentle calm is the very yin to my yang (no joking…..even though I know you are thinking up a funny retort to this just now, I am serious! lol). Your kind words of support, humor, authenticity, and sweet disposition are the very things that remind me that I am so very lucky to have you always in my corner, too. Your support and intentions are pure of heart and never ego-based. I greatly treasure you, too. 

There are others throughout the evening on my socials who have made this day close on a positive note too: my new friend Ciro, your support is truly appreciated, I can see why Olivia treasures you! Olivia, your kindness, appreciation, and support behind the scenes is also appreciated, how lucky I am to have your friendship also! Bob, you made me laugh many times during our interview today for this Thursdays’ show, you are a really genuine individual and I know people will hear that in our conversation. 

It made sense to start the month of February off with music that was different than the mainstream we hear today. Music that is from the heart, about the heart, to kick-start the month of love. You will all understand when you listen to my show – you’ll hear the magic. There are all kinds of personalities out there and people going through much worse that I am, and yet, they stay positive and keep on keeping on. This is evident in their music. Why not have a show that reflects this too? I have never done things mainstream in terms of the expression of my art which is why my show reflects all kinds of styles and genres of music. This includes the unique individuals I interview too who come from from all walks of life and different careers. They also have a gift to offer. The art of others who take the time to express their emotions, experiences, and relationships with life is art I gravitate toward because I feel it is brave to be different, and it is a reflection of me, too.

We can’t always wear our positive pants. We can’t always be shiny happy people 100% of the time. That’s not reality. Some days, let’s face it folks, it’s just a bad day all around. But –for everything that doesn’t help to uplift us or make us feel better, music and loved ones are there to at least understand, and the priceless, unconditional love in that, can never be matched. x



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