• Robert Segarra

    Congratulations on putting together such a great set of Valentine’s Day interviews. I found Olivia Hussey to be very fascinating and open. And I found Leonard Whiting to be equally fascinating, as we!l. I learned so many interesting details about both. Candice brought out so much about each that I never knew. I’ll never look at Shakespeare or Romeo and Juliet, or any play the same way after this. Thank you for bringing this podcast to us all.

    • candiceannmarshallofficial

      That is exactly the thing Robert….I wanted my listeners to have the same experience I had as a young 14-year old girl after learning more about Olivia and Leonard. I truly hope my listeners also watch the movie and THEN listen to these interviews to have a true appreciation for these two amazing souls <3 They ARE Valentines Day for me and they always will be. Thank you for being such a loyal supporter of everything I do! You are greatly appreciated x

  • Marilyn Hansen

    Thank you so much Candice for this Valentine’s Day special interview. My bucket list is to meet Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting again some day. I was 12 years old in Italy when the movie was filmed and was lucky to have met them and to have watched some of the filming. It is my all time favorite movie as Olivia and Leonard have always been my favorites as well. At the time, I didn’t realize how special this was until the movie came out, but from an early age I became interested in the Renaissance and Shakespeare as well as music, art and dance. Now, as an adult I am so happy to have experienced it all.
    Your website is beautifully done, you are a joy to listen to, and I’m looking forward to more of your events.

    • candiceannmarshallofficial

      Wow Marilyn, Thank you so much! My heart is full and I am truly grateful for this feedback. I too, have loved these two beautiful souls since I first saw them and now after talking to them, they feel like family. Well, they are, indeed Starlight Music Chronicles & Candice Anne Marshall Official family! Don’t forget to subscribe so that you can hear all my shows coming up. We have some amazing amazing amazing shows coming up! xo

  • Joan Selig

    I am so enjoying Candice’s interview with Olivia. Olivia’s passion is so evident and Candice’s questions are very good and not invasive.

    • candiceannmarshallofficial

      Wow thank you Joan! I appreciate your lovely feedback. I loved this moment with Olivia. It was a dream come true for this (young girl at heart)! xo

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