Welcome to my Wonderland

I am sitting here, after a long day of designing this website, and am now presently staring at a blank white space. Even as I type this, I can’t believe I am seeing the instant shapes of each letter appear before me like magic. This is odd. I never run out of things to say…and I don’t like to ramble either. But in all fairness, I am usually busy shouting out for others on social media, promoting them, and creating copious amounts of content at any given time of the day, so It’s very rare I can sit down to write what I want to write creatively and freely, and usually when I do, it’s at that moment that I collapse from sheer exhaustion. But…since you are here, and you are already reading, and I am already typing what seems to be a theme that is unfolding nicely for us both, I will give it the old college try…

I have spent the better part of this month really thinking about where I want to go with my future, what things I want to put my energy into, and what I want to strip away. Part of what I do want to put my energy into, is being more grateful for the little things in each day by noticing them and paying attention. I want to be more in love with my life. Part of this means taking the time each day to reflect, no matter how busy it can get. This has helped me to become more aware that I haven’t been as appreciative of the little things in each day as I can be.

It has taken me a long time to arrive at this very point where I can have a space of my own to express, dream, create, and envision. I am an Artist, and my whole life, I have always seen the beauty in the things that most people do not often stop to notice: the defined wrinkles on the face of an old woman in that black and white photograph, the graciousness of that shy person who retreats so that others may talk, the sound of the birds chirping heartily in the early morning hours on a midsummer’s day when no man should be awake to hear them. These are only a few examples of the things I love about life and the very things I notice when I actually get the time to do so. And that’s just it, I haven’t forced myself to stop and really take the time to notice these kinds of things in the last few years while building my profile.

Which brings me to my point….

So often, we spend the bulk of our days rushing around at mach 5000 and we don’t sit, for even a moment, to relax and enjoy the simple things like I mentioned above. We wait until we are exhausted, taxed, or sick and even then, we don’t take the time to appreciate anything around us. Today, I did. I actually took one whole day for myself to do exactly what I wanted to, and that was to create this website aka: My Wonderland. Now, I know that it’s still a place where I am sharing the work of others, but it’s my place. How often do you look back on all the things you have done in your life and thought, ‘Wow! I have really accomplished a lot!’? More often than not, many of us feel we can never do enough, and while that’s true too (we should always be helping out our fellow man or learning something new), it’s vital that we take a moment now and again to reflect on just how far we have come, and stop beating ourselves up for how far we have yet to go. We can only do this by being aware of the little things around us and being grateful they exist for us.

Today, while building this site, I had the chance to reflect as I plugged each Limehead Radio interview onto the home page, connected my SMC Spotlight and Starlight Music Chronicles websites into the menu, and custom designed banners and photos to create some of the graphics you see here. So yes, I worked, but as I worked, I also listened to music, had conversations with loved ones, visited with my kids and drank several cups of my favorite tea. After a while, I realized, ‘Wow! I have really accomplished a lot! And not just today either!’. I had forgotten how much paying attention to these (other) little things and enjoying them are as essential to my well-being as doing the other (work) things. Do you want to know what I did after that?

I smiled.

So it’s really simple: be in love with your life. Listen to the sounds around you. Exhale. Take a moment to reflect. Pay attention. Create. Listen to your favorite song. Get a good nights rest. Go for a walk. Talk to a loved one. Better yet, visit them. Be in LOVE with YOUR life while you WORK for YOUR life and take time to reflect and APPRECIATE just how far you have come.

Would you look at that?

I guess I had some things to say after all.

PS: Welcome to my Wonderland.



  • Robert Segarra

    I totally agree with you, Candice! I think too many times we don’t allow ourselves to assess just how far we’ve come with accomplishments or goals in our lives. How can we continue happily on our journeys when we don’t even know where we are in our lives? Too many times we don’t allow ourselves a lot of what we grant to others. Life is all about balance and we all owe it to ourselves to try and balance out our own lives, so that we can be happy and productive – so that we can truly be fulfilled, and so that we can give back to others.

  • Pat Grant Codie Fans

    Candice we do not know each other well yet. I enjoyed reading your words as they made me think of my life and how I know I need to take time to enjoy all of the small things that I see each day and take for granted. I also enjoy helping others and watching them grow and just knowing that I helped in some small way makes me so full of joy.
    I look forward to joining you on your journey as I know our paths will continue to cross.

    • candiceannmarshallofficial

      I am about to post another blog entry. I am so happy that you joined me on this journey Pat. If you subscribe to the blog, you will be notified when I post. I look forward to this journey with all of you, too. I am glad that this touched your heart in this way. That it the intent. yours in love and light,

    • candiceannmarshallofficial

      That’s lovely, and that’s exactly what I wanted, a place like home for everyone. Thank you for the feedback! x

  • Linda Horn

    I am impressed with all the work you do and keep going. Very lovely website.Good luck to you. Hope you know how special you are with all your talents.The little do things matter.

    • candiceannmarshallofficial

      Thank you Linda! What a kind thing to say. The little things really do matter and we shouldn’t miss them because they are the once in a lifetime kind of miracle sort of things:)

  • Carol

    What a great reminder that the meat of our lives is happening in every moment, and that to rush by it as though some other destination is the point of all of it is to miss the reality, the infinite richness, of the present moment. I welcome your Wonderland into my world and look forward to hearing more of your thoughtful musings in your warm and generous voice on your elegant website.

    • candiceannmarshallofficial

      I coudn’t ask for a better, more beautiful and supportive friend in my life than you. I am one lucky girl! You are loved my dear friend. More than you will ever know….xo – Candice

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